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ADVCASH nuove carte crypto Program Update!

ADVCASH nuove carte crypto

ADVCASH nuove carte crypto, annunciate con un nuovo rilascio a partire dal Q1 2019

Warmest wishes from the entire team here at Advanced Cash to you and your family this holiday season! Let the coming year be full of nothing but health, luck, joy and success. We hope all your plans and dreams come true. Thank you for choosing Advanced Cash. We really appreciate your trust.

We perfectly understand how many of you can’t wait to know when Advanced Cash cards will become available again. We hope this announcement below will answer the most important questions in this regard.

We plan to start issuing Advanced Cash cards in the first quarter of 2019. This time, there will be several card programs instead of one. We will be launching them as soon as they are ready to go live. Overall, Advanced Cash users will be able to choose between cards of several types:

– Visa cards in USD and EUR in Europe, available all over the world a bit later
– Mastercard cards in USD and EUR available all over the world
– Visa cards in RUB for Russian users

Cards in your name as well as no-name cards will be available. Just like before, you will be able to choose between plastic and virtual cards.

Later on, we plan to add UnionPay cards as well. We are also looking into launching cards in national currencies of several countries.

Earlier we mentioned that if you used an Advanced Cash prepaid card before, you will be able to get a replacement card for free. There will be an announcement in your account with all the details. Users who never had an Advanced Cash card will be able to place a regular order.

Then, in the second quarter of 2019 or earlier, we plan to launch an updated version of the entire platform. It will include both a full redesign of as well as a fully reworked user area with a refreshed interface and new features for personal and business accounts. The much-awaited iOS and Android apps will also become available at this stage.

We really appreciate your patience and understanding. A lot has been done, and we hope you will find our new products interesting and useful. We will do our best to launch them ASAP. Thank you for using Advanced Cash. Happy holidays and a happy New Year!

Stay tuned.

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