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Can You Lose Bitcoins If It Comes to a Hard Fork? Risposta di TREZOR . Lingua Inglese

In the light of the recent blocksize debate, many Bitcoin users express their worries about the safety of their bitcoins, should a hard fork occur.

TREZOR itself is hardfork ready, however what really counts is the software you’re using your TREZOR with. If you want to make sure everything will go smooth for you, ask your favorite wallet developer whether they are ready to switch. TREZOR owners using are definitely safe.

Here’s How SatoshiLabs Is Getting Ready

Before the fork, we will prepare two different instances of the wallet. Let’s call them and The user will be able to select the one he/she wants to work with.
The coins will exist on both independent chains but still protected by the TREZOR hardware wallet. This is no different than having both Bitcoins and Litecoins stored in one TREZOR today.

After the Fork

At the moment of the fork, would switch to the chosen chain. The balances and transactions from the moment of the fork will be tied to the new chain. Everything will happen under the hood as our software will know with which network to interact with. No particular action from the user will be needed.
In a recent interview for BloqueZero, we’ve answered this question for our Spanish speaking audience.
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