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China accelerates on the blockchain, thanks to Tencent Industrial Accelerator

Tencent launches plan to integrate global resources in the blockchain industry

China puts the arrow and with Tencent starts an ambitious blockchain acceleration program, called Tencent Industrial Accelerator, open to public participation.

From the information on the site, there are three directions through which Tencent will start a recruitment and Know How phase:

1. Searching for industrial blockchain solution providers – to provide blockchain solutions and products for various industries / vertical sectors
2. Search for industrial blockchain infrastructure providers that will provide the underlying public infrastructure of the blockchain
3. Search for service providers (facilities and support) Blockchain, blockchain browser, reliable identity, trusted IT, cross-chain technology, etc..
The offer is aimed at the internal market and in particular at Start-up Blockchain with certain technological advantages and/or mature companies combined with blockchain transformation.

Interested and eligible parties are required to complete the registration process on the company’s website, by 6 June 2020, contacts and feedback received by telephone at 0755-86013388 ext: 883121/869385.

The selected companies will have, among other things, the opportunity to explore and study the blockchain industry abroad and to learn about new technologies; foreign companies should therefore consider getting involved.

Currently, Tencent Industry Accelerator includes AI Accelerator, SaaS Accelerator and WeCity Accelerator.


The Tencent consortium has an important stake in the construction of the national BSN blockchain, which we talked about in a previous post HERE, through its subsidiary WeBank the first Chinese digital bank, Tencent also has branches specialized in telecommunications, technology, entertainment, fintech and more.

Tencent itself has recently been involved by the Chinese state tax authorities to create a blockchain-centric billing standard. In a public report, Tencent’s blockchain billing project even found support from several foreign countries, including Brazil, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Sweden in addition to the Chinese tax authorities.

Tencent Industry Accelerator currently creates industry solutions in selected projects. It provides support in capital, technology, products, business opportunities and other resources, helping industries transform and upgrade.

China is running to become the global leader in technology and innovation, and with giants like Huawei and Alibaba, it is running as the number 1 player.


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