Who we are

Bitconio provides to private companies and public organizations, specialized services in the areas of strategic innovation, digital transformation & Innovation, blockchain, security and audit.

It aims to use, promote, disseminate and defend the conscious use of decentralized and alternative currencies and payment methods, Blockchain and Smart Contract. In this direction, it is committed to promoting the widest dissemination of Blockchain technology through social, information, meeting and roundtable channels.

It is committed to fostering the dissemination of Blockchain knowledge, promoting research and development initiatives aimed at business solutions at all levels. It assists, sponsors and/or supports, collaborates with organizations and associations, and/or companies, private and public, in operations with the same purposes.

It organizes conferences, events, and other events at local and national level and is committed to the establishment of an “observatory” for the dissemination and conscious use of Blockchain.
Bitconio offers services in the following specific areas:

– Blockchain and security projects

Consultancy on Blockchain projects // Consultancy for Crypto projects // FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech, LegalTech, Decentralized Finance // Information Security Consultancy // IT Security Consultancy // IT Risk Insurance Analysis // Technology Risk Assessment // Preliminary Technical Feasibility Study // Architecture and Solution Design Review // Executive Blockchain and Information Security Training

Bitconio, collaborates synergistically with industry professionals and specialized companies, integrating multidisciplinary capabilities to provide a 360° integrated service, ensuring safety, quality of solutions and excellence of services provided.

– Digital Transformation and Innovation

Bitconio acts in the field of Digital Transformation & Innovation, conducting projects of analysis and optimization of the business model adopted through a multidisciplinary approach oriented to the realization of a digital transformation strategy, relevant to the operational context, the company organization and the reference sector.


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