Get paid with Zoom!

Earn crypto with 2Key API for Zoom

2Key is a self-managed payment service for professional ZOOM video calls that automatically processes payments, creating a dedicated access link for your customers or prospects.

Simply set up a SmartSession, define the number of participants, date and time and cost of the service / lesson / consulting, more.

SmartSessions are integrated with an intelligent contract that keeps the information about the sessions and reserves access only to participants, paying participants, to access them. Payment is exclusively in crypto, which can be directly purchased by credit card.

The service is completely managed by ready-made open source code converted into a SmartLink, while the SmartSession management is fully automatic and contains an intelligent contract distributed on the Ethereum blockchain.

The payments received – in ETH – are stored directly on Metamask, Ledger or 2 key crypto-wallet.

Anyone can add cryptocurrency to their Zoom video calls, creating faster and easier continuity and scalability by providing their live video services on Zoom.

The SmartSession 2key product is fully integrated with Zoom Api.

2Key solves most administrative and marketing problems,

allowing the user Zoom to:

Launch ready-to-use, smartcontract-regulated paid sessions
Use a self-managed registration and payment process.
Accept crypto as payment

You can decide to sell video session recordings, increasing your revenue source, and charge users based on the exact time they attended the Live Video session.


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