MONOLITH: Everything you expect from a bank built for the DeFi economy.

With MONOLITH you spend DAI thanks to the VISA card connected to the wallet non-custodial

It is the world’s first non-custodial wallet connected to a Visa debit card, offering you Visa functionality with Ethereum independence. You can store, send and receive ETH tokens and other ERC 20 tokens, using the Contract Portfolio held only by you. You are the only one who controls the assets stored in your contract portfolio.

Token Group Limited, which is a company registered in England and Wales, and is the name behind the Monolith application.

Available on iOS and Android devices, it is currently available in 31 countries across Europe. Fully Ethereum ERC-20, it supports virtually all major Ethereum tokens, and uses a Visa card accepted anywhere in the world.

Connected to a non-custodial wallet, which is activated with a Seed to be strictly stored, it supports legal currencies such as EUR and GBP.

Monolith is a startup and offers financial solutions beyond traditional banking activities, focusing on promoting the Ethereum lifestyle.

It works exactly like a decentralized banking app whose only means of use is Ethereum.

“As part of Monolith’s offer, users are able to pay for everyday purchases such as bills or send and receive money from friends and family, all powered by Ethereum” – Mel Gelderman

Highly secure, it is based entirely on the Ethereum network and its incredible and extensive solution of network validation nodes always running, Ethereum funds are deposited in the “vault” of the Ethereum bank, accessible only by you through the SEED of your wallet.


Monolith is one of the few applications where a Visa card is offered without users paying a monthly issuing fee or maintenance costs. The Monolith fee structure is as follows:

Card activation and shipping are free of charge.
Zero monthly fee
Zero purchase commission
International Purchasing Commission 1.75%
Home ATM withdrawal is free of charge up to a maximum of twice a month thereafter you will pay £0.75 / €0.85 per withdrawal
International ATM withdrawal is £1.75 / €2.00
The recharge of your Monolith card is 1%.
Topping up with tokens other than TKN carries a 1% fee
The crypto or fiat exchange rate is determined by the current market rate.


Recently released an integration with ParaSwap, in the mobile application of the portfolio to facilitate the exchanges of its users.

With the addition of ParaSwap (v2), Monolith users can quickly exchange ETH and ERC-20 tokens and access various decentralized financial services in a few touches.


Monolith allows users to spend stablecoin Dai anywhere in the world and in all stores that accept Visa payments.


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MONOLITH has a partnership with Contis, the award-winning provider of banking, payment and processing services for Visa debit cards in Europe and the UK.

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