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Natural Gas market analysis

Natural Gas is in an elevated volatility phase, violent price hikes for the traders to open and close positions on the market, the relative top reached at $ 2.12, warns those who had bet on the downside. In this case we do not think of strategic hedging instruments, but we think of the ongoing change in the industrial system. It is not time to think about whether it will be hot or cold in the winter in summer, here the change takes place in new forms of advanced technology that will replace commodity.

In the medium to long term, exports will drop due to government blockages to stop the spread of the new coronavirus. Last week’s price hikes helped the United States but…

Energy market: international comment, the green turnaround UK, Germany and France

 Britain should take advantage of low oil prices to increase carbon tax revenues without harming consumers, the Climate Change Committee (CCC) said in a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

His proposals reinforce global pressure on governments to consider the environment as they pour money into their economies to levels never seen since World War II to counter the impact of coronavirus blockades that threaten millions of jobs…

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