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PRESS RELEASE – Takamaka: Cryptographic Wallet for a Third Generation Blockchain


In every new project certainly the most difficult part is to take the first step and above all to do it well, we put the maximum effort and hard months of work, but in the end our wallet has arrived, working and operational.

Both the Mobile and Desktop App versions are finally available to the public and the result represents the best vision of the Takamaka project and its intrinsic and decentralized nature.

As you know, the cryptographic tokens are different from the traditional currency, their custody requires different arrangements and specifications than those of a traditional bank, in this sense you are the one and only person able to control your funds, no one can freeze your account, impose restrictions.

The money is simply yours, but now in a different outfit, so now you are the only one who will have access to the recovery information in your wallet.


The Takamaka wallet is the official app developed by AiliA SA, necessary to interact, in a simple and intuitive way, with the blockchain Takamaka

The Wallet is a crypto wallet that can store and transfer crypto value without ever leaving your wallet. With the Takamaka wallet, it’s only YOU who have the private keys, the only one able to manage the contents of your wallet in total autonomy and security.

Developed and fully managed by Takamaka, this is a 100% open source solution that does not store personal information such as location, usage time, application usage history and keywords.

The wallet supports the storage of Takamaka Red (TKR) and Takamaka Green (TKG) tokens.

The first pays transactions and costs for smart contracts, has a stable value, always $ 1.

While the second (Token Green) does the same thing as the Red token, but in addition is used to do Staking on the Takamaka PoS (T-PoS).


Thanks to the Staking you can keep the funds in the Takamaka wallet to support the network operations, the system offers guaranteed returns and the operation in fact consists in freezing TKG cryptocurrency, for at least one EPOCH (8 g and 8 h) and receive rewards directly on the wallet.

Through the Wallet you will have the opportunity to interact with all the nodes of the blockchain, identifying, specifically, the name and the degree of performance of the main ones.

takamaka wallet TKR e TKG

Thanks to Takamaka’s wallet, your participation in the Staking and therefore the gain, will be completely personal and independent, you will select a node and you will always be the one to commit the TKG, gaining value for the loan made.


If Staking does not interest you, the takamaka wallet can be used to store and transfer Takamaka Coins payments, directly from your wallet to another; from here you can easily send and receive resources, through an easy QR code system or copy/paste the public key.

Through a single operating and custody environment, you will be able to manage different addresses, control the lists of all the transactions carried out and view balance sheets.

The wallet has a very high level of security, both in terms of the custody of the tokens and in terms of the trust of the transaction and transfer.

Takamaka wallet has a fully controlled security system, to send, receive and store Token Green, Token Red and digital resources, thanks to a complete control of private keys.

The wallet is designed to be completely quantum resistant when needed: the algorithm for signing blocks and transactions between wallets is in fact qTesla.

The operations performed using the Takamaka blockchain have a fixed token cost, determined only by the amount of resources used to perform the operation, in this sense all upload operations on the network have a predetermined cost


a close up of text on a white backgroundWhat’s really amazing about Blockchain, is that you can upload directly to the network; Blockchain Takamaka supports any type of upload, from an image, to an audio file, even a video.

The operation is possible directly from your wallet, both mobile and desktop version, from here you can not only upload files, or apply time stamps to your documents but you can send transactions by inserting text messages of the length you want.

The wallet lends itself perfectly well, for ease of use and manuality, to a friendly user experience, just a few clicks are enough to perform the operation, not before verifying the balance of TKG and TKR in the portfolio and calculated the actual costs of the operation.

The upload can also cover Hash of digital content possibly stored in the cloud, even private.


Takamaka Wallet does not store any user information.

Therefore, please understand that we cannot completely help you with any problems you may encounter while using the application or losing your recovery words.

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Edited by Andrea Belvedere
Comm. Develop. at Takamaka.

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