Prezzo del bitcoin, analisi tecnica 17/11

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 11/17/2016 - Yearly Highs in Sight!


Il prezzo del  Bitcoin  ha messo in scena un notevole e forte rally ieri,  dopo una breve pullback .

Il prezzo è a pochi punti di distanza dai massimi annuali di circa $ 780, ma gli indicatori tecnici stanno mostrando che il rally potrebbe continuare.



Market Events

Economic data from the US was all weaker than expected recently, and this may have been one of the factors weighing on the US currency against bitcoin price. PPI and industrial production fell short of expectations, hinting at a bit of a slowdown. US CPI and a speech by Fed Chairperson Yellen are lined up today and downbeat outcomes could continue to push the dollar lower.

But, as in the previous rallies, the surge in bitcoin price was seen to be spurred by the influx of funds from Chinese investors as the government took fresh efforts to devalue the yuan. This week, monetary authorities set the trading range of the local currency lower, leading traders from the mainland to pursue higher returns elsewhere and hedge their yuan holdings.

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