Store documents in blockchain, how increases trust between the parties.

Store documents in blockchain

How store documents in blockchain thanks to Takamaka technology ? Takamaka is a blockchain that allows files to be uploaded to the blockchain, such as texts, files, photos and videos. A true revolution. The paradigm of value is born.

We understood that the blockchain can apply a time stamp to a digital datum, for the sole purpose of digitizing trust and agreements even between parties who do not know each other, But How is possibile store documents in blockchain ?

Just as the Internet has digitized information and exchange, in the Blockchain, through the hash of a digital document, it is possible to record information by paying for a transaction in a process known as tokenisation.

If the blockchain is public and its consent occurs through nodes distributed in the network, the time stamp attests that at that exact moment the document or who has that specific content for it.

In this sense, the hash of the document must never be tampered with and the organization that holds its custody, must carefully preserve the original, under penalty of compromising the registration in Blockchain.

Store documents in blockchain and COPYRIGHT

We have therefore understood that the Blockchain is by its very nature an immutable public register, which makes it possible to apply a time stamp to everything that ends up in it, allowing in fact to associate date, time, signatory, in a completely unequivocal, unalterable and transparent way.

More and more often we see the frequent fraudulent use of information, we are not always sure of the sources and the classic copy-paste that does not mention the source (!), nor the author, mortifying the intellectual effort and research work.

At present, we can hardly protect ourselves from fake news and bad information.


Store documents in blockchainFortunately, however, it is thanks to Blockchain Takamaka that we can simplify and improve certain processes by limiting the misadventures told a little while ago.

But why Takamaka and what is so extraordinary about this Blockchain? It’s simple! Takamaka Blockchain is a PoS technology, able to make you directly store data, such as written texts of any form and nature (articles, posts, diplomas, sales documents, transport documents, etc.) directly from the Wallet.

The technology also allows you to store photos and videos using only the TAKAMAKA Wallet in both desktop and mobile versions.



The costs are exposed before the operation, so that you can know for sure the price to pay to perform the upload and the really extraordinary thing, which joins the already incredible possibility of technology, is that uploading a post like this for example, costs a little less than … a coffee !

Recently I wrote “Out of the system, living on crypto“, telling readers that the article was put on Blockchain Takamaka.

The price I had to pay for that upload was $1.63, but the intellectual effort is preserved and the post will remain unchanged in the blockchain forever.


If it were a writer, or a journalist from a highly censored country, to put an element in blockchain, the government or any censorship body could not remove it, no Store documents in blockchainone could intervene and although the writer was punished, the content would remain eternal in blockchain, from memory and vision to anyone.

I recently read in a newspaper that an influencer passed herself off as an economic-financial expert, without ever having graduated or obtained a degree or certificates or diplomas.

It would be enough just to upload from Wallet Takamaka your certificate or the hash of the document, to make your skills immutable and create a Trust channel with the public.

How many, even on the social media, pass themselves off as what they are not or boast about skills they do not have?

store documents in blockchain a revolution for SCHOOL

Store documents in blockchainOne school decides to certify the diplomas of its students on the Blockchain, certifying for each of its students the HASH of the diploma, properly stored in the cloud, other schools decide instead to upload the diplomas of each student directly on the Blockchain.

In both cases, what added value would that diploma have and what effectiveness in terms of TRUST would the graduate be able to claim when looking for a job or enhancing their skills ?

If no one asks me for trust, I have to build that trust myself.


The Blockchain Takamaka solution would also allow the uploading of documents of any kind, from memories, contracts, delivery notes, certifications, analyses and medical records and much more, and in all these areas would allow to unequivocally testify the information entered, which would remain indelible and eternal in the blocks of a public register distributed, but open to all.

How many politicians, groups and movements present an electoral programme that they do not then respect?

But if instead of a document we could insert a photograph or register a logo, a work of art, or upload an mp3 file and unequivocally attest to the author of the song, what formal value would this process have and what paradigm would allow to build in ‘relationships of trust, value chain and distribution of information?

Have you ever thought what it could mean for your business, or your projects, to be able to use a tool that allows you to upload in blockchain not only documents, but music and photos, that is safe and reliable and above all guarantees the certainty of costs?

Store documents in blockchain with  Takamaka wallet

You want to try it too? Look how easy it is!

Download the wallet


Register on and buy some RED TOKEN (TKR), the cost of which is 1 TKR= 1 $.

Open the wallet (in the example I use the Desktop wallet, because it is more convenient for me to write), select load a simple text.

Write the article, the post, the press release etc., then I select “calculate the cost”.

Send the transaction on the Blockchain.

how you can VERIFY

The article you’re reading was sent to Takamaka’s Blockchain

I paid only 0.8257 TKR, about $83 Cent, much less than a coffee.

To view it you can simply download your WALLET version:


Top on Explorer and in the search button type the title (all or part of the article) of the article.

Store documents in blockchain

Alternatively do your search by title of the post, directly on the TAKAMAKA BLOCKCHAIN .

Stay Tuned.

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