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The DFI token starts the exchange on LAToken!


DeFiBlockchain Foundation in Singapore launched the DeFi Blockchain ( on May 11, 2020.

About 1 month after its launch, the DFI token is listed today, June 17 at 12 noon, on LAToken:

DFI strengths 🔥🔥

DeFi is growing (we talked about it also HERE today) but for now only on Ethereum. The news here is that DFI is bringing DeFi to Bitcoin 🔥.

DFI is used as ETH on Ethereum, only the Bitcoin ecosystem is about 20 times larger than that of Ethereum.

If DFI became as popular as ETH, it could be priced at USD 100 – about 1,000 times the initial trading price on LAToken today. This could be very interesting.

DFI is already picketable at almost 30% APY and already available at

DFI is a young project that has just begun its journey: keep it in mind.

It has enormous potential, but it is also risky.

If you believe in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on Bitcoin, you might be interested in this news!


For a brief explanation of how DFI works, watch this video here:

The technical manager of the U-Zyn project has made a detailed guide on YouTube:

The president of the DeFiBlockchain Julian Foundation will be online during the listing on Latoken, maybe you’ll be interested too, follow here->

You can already trade small amounts of DFI at

Quick summary:

DFI Token starts trading today June 17 at 12:00 on LAToken:
Summary video :
Live video during the token list:
DFI offers up to 30% APY on

Would you like to know more about the project ?
Download the white paper here:

You know that there is an English community talking about CakeDefi click HERE to access the channel !

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