Metals market: tariffs

The European Commission, which conducted the investigation, set duties of up to 19% for imports from China, 17.3% for products from Indonesia and up to 7.5% for Taiwanese stainless steel, the EU Official Journal said Wednesday.

The Commission said the anti-dumping duties, which will take effect on Thursday, aim to remedy the damage caused to EU producers located mainly in Belgium, Italy and Finland.

Chinese imports of crude aluminum rose again in August, prolonging a rare reversal of normal trade flows. Combined imports of primary metal and raw alloys amounted to 393,000 tons, just below the previous record of 394,000 tons in April 2009. For the second consecutive month, the world’s largest producer was a net importer of aluminum in all forms.

China’s recovery is proving faster and more powerful than elsewhere. Chinese foundries are responding by increasing production, although production in the rest of the world is decreasing. commercial tension in sight.

A key difference between…

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