The first Exchange for Cubans and not only, called Qbita, was born in Cuba

“I created Qbita Exchange because I’ve always been convinced that Bitcoin is a necessity here in Cuba,” Mario Mazzola said.

To feel the surname, I have dusted off the memories as a child, the great Sandro Mazzola midfielder of Inter and the Italian national team of the ’70s. The similarity of the name intrigued me so much that I wanted to deepen the subject.

The first Exchange for Cubans and not only, called Qbita, was born in Cuba.

The idea comes from the Italian-Cuban entrepreneur, Mario Mazzola, who says that in Cuba bitcoin is a real necessity: “In particular, I believe that Bitcoin serves to mitigate the problems of financial exclusion imposed by the U.S. economic and trade blockade.

The embrago still excludes Cubans from many modern financial services, such as Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, PayPal, Skrill, Stripe or other international electronic payment gateways.

Qbita is Mario’s unique and operational effort that has developed a full range of products, Bitcoin portfolio, payment platform and peer-to-peer exchange in one environment: Qbita.

Multiple effort for one platform!

Qbita is part of a non-existent regulatory framework and although cryptocurrency in Cuba is not illegal, there are no state rules that censor it or restrict its use.

Qbita is a candidate as a player, able to occupy the entire crypto market and as the first competitor of Fusyona another exchange of cryptocurrency created by the initiative of a Brazilian StartUp, already present in Cuba.

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Obviously I wondered how safe this service could be, I searched the site and enlightened were the words of Mario, which you can listen to here


Certainly the idea is interesting and I think initiatives of this kind just do that good for the whole cryptographic world, I wonder if for Cuban friends, bitcoin, which I can not trade for money or even spend with credit cards, has the sole purpose of becoming alternative money and or value against inflation, or what else ?

Thank you !

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