Travel notes on crypto – defi – cards – New Tech. #1

An eye on the crypto market and De.Fi in particular.

Let’s start with today a weekly appointment of the main events that have interested the crypto world and in particular the field. These are notes that we use for our insights (we don’t always manage to make an article, but it would be worth not to disperse any news) and maybe make future posts.

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Market opportunities and new Tech.

(Invest) buy ethereum with credit card 🔥 (very fast)
(Marcketcap) all the market in one place
(RenVm) In just two weeks just $1Mln stuck in Ren Prot
(Blockchain) Takamaka offers his Wallet PoS for stacking .🔥
(DeFi) Number of DeFi resources seems exponential
(Search engine) Search engine for a decentralized web for .eth, .crypto and .zil domains
(Curves) Integrate RenVM
(ETH Vs BTC ) Ethereum fees exceeded bitcoin fees.
(Crypto currency) In Europe 36% of respondents say they own Crypto
(MakerDAO) MKR gives the go-ahead for real world goods under warranty 🔥 🔥
(NFT) A way to use NFT
(Kyber) Since the launch of Mainet (2 and a half years ago) has traded for 1 MLD $
(De.Fi) Over seven start-ups admitted to the Chicago Defi Alliance.
(DAI) Towards the highest ATH ever
(Stablecoin) How stablecoin works and differs
(DEX) Loopring Pay is finally live.
(Asset management) BlockFi crypto asset management tool
(Crypto Credit Cards) Maybe is among the best cards to manage and spend crypto
(Stacking) engages stablecoin and earns up to 12% APR
BITCOIN looks ready for a monster movement.

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