Trip clipboard Lesson #2


How much do we know about DeFi and its potential and enormous disruptive action ?

Knowing is power, knowing is freedom!

Did you read our last post: “Out of the system, living Crypto’s life”? Someone asked us why we believe that banks are useless. Actually no one here is angry with the banks, what we want to do is just think about the fact that after the internal combustion engine will come (it’s already coming) the electric one, … no one here believes that banks are useless or harmful, they just seem to be conceptually outdated.

But we are aware that this is only the beginning, the tip of the Iceberg, so first of all we have to study and be ready.

Maximum effort, maximum risk, maximum result.


(Living on crypto) But is it really only possible on crypto ? A practical post that explains why you should start doing it 🔥
(Fintech ) The big financial players will eat it all, that’s why they own cryptos.


(RenVm) Ren reaches and exceeds $10 million of Volumes
(Compound) Comp higher and higher
(De.Fi )  Who overperformed?
(De.Fi #1) How many dollars is that?
( $2 billion short.
(WBTC) Landing on Idlefinance
(Oracles) Links and Orchid partenrschip
(Kyber) Kyber to the moon, 1 MLD $ tx 🔥
(Argent) The wallet has some vulnerabilities


(BTC at half price) But only for the first 25,000 subscribers…
(Lottery) Buy tickets for 1 DAI, always valid.
(Uniswap) Buy crypto with your Private Key
(Centrifuge) The real world enters De.Fi 🔥🔥
(BTC with WBTC ) Step by step guide to exchange btc with wbtc – Curve!
( Extends the insurance policy to 100 Mln $
(DAI) Loans Dai will guarantee invoices
(TornadoCash) Clean transactions from your public key
(Stablecoin) total offer exceeds $10Bn
(Tether the best) Tether seems to be the stable No. 1 though ..
(Comp) Grows 400% since release on Uniswap
(Takamaka) The wallet’s finally online. Many news also uncomfortable. 🔥


(Banks) Banks open to crypto 🔥 🔥
(Wallstreet) The big financial players will eat it all, that’s why they own crypto 🔥.

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