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BitFiniti: Industry Meets Blockchain in Miami

This October, a new kind of blockchain conference will debut in Florida. BitFiniti aims to take blockchain from “behind the veil” and showcase the technology to select industries in hopes of raising awareness about the potential of the technology and creating a productive dialogue.

The conference, which will be held from October 30 to November 2 at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, can be described as a collision between blockchain-related ventures and different industries like insurance, financial services, real estate, healthcare, supply chain management, identity management, the charitable and nonprofit sectors, digital rights and others.

The key questions that BitFiniti will aim to answer for these industries are: Why should I be looking at the blockchain? What is it? What can it do, and not do?

Industries Meet the Blockchain

“BitFiniti is an industry conference on blockchain tech, not just a blockchain conference,” says event organizer Rachael Hodgen. “That, plus our unique format, is really appealing to strategic thought leaders and investors across industry verticals.”

Whereas most blockchain conferences are geared toward blockchain companies and insiders, BitFiniti’s goal is to reach out to non-blockchain industry thought leaders and experts, and to demonstrate with use-case innovations how blockchain can impact and improve their respective industries.

The conference will also include a warm up event consisting of informative blockchain education sessions for industry leaders.

A Unique Format

Each discussion will be led by two blockchain experts and two industry experts. Afterward, the panel members will be available for a Q&A session so that conference participants can have the opportunity to really understand how blockchain technology can impact the industries in question.

Similarly, while other conferences tend to separate booth operators from the presentation  event, BitFiniti offers each participating company an opportunity to demonstrate on stage their blockchain innovations to potential partners and investors. Rather than relying on individual attendees to approach them, companies can make their pitches and explain how their models can benefit their target industries all at once.

Presenting companies are folded into use-case based panels and Q&As featuring proven, high profile blockchain and industry experts. Topics will include practical use-case innovations in healthcare, supply chain management, financial services, digital rights, and others.

Some attendees include Yorke Rhodes III from Microsoft; Jeff Garzik from Bloq; Blockchain Revolution author, Don Tapscott; Lamar Wilson from Fluent; and Operational Consultant and Anthropologist, Alicia Carmona.

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