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Cookies are small text strings stored on your computer when you visit certain pages on the internet. If you do not want to accept cookies, you can still browse the site and use it for search purposes. In most browsers, cookies are enabled.


Cookies are not harmful to your device. In the cookies we generate, we do not store personally identifiable information but use encrypted information collected by them to improve your stay on the site. For example, they are useful to identify and resolve errors or to determine relevant related products to show the visitor while browsing the site.

We provide this information to you as part of our efforts to comply with recent legislation, and to ensure our honesty and transparency regarding your privacy when you use our website.


Technical cookies (strictly necessary)

These cookies are essential to enable you to browse the site and use all the features. Without these cookies, which are absolutely necessary, we would not be able to provide you with certain services or functions and browsing the site would not be as smooth and easy as it should be.

Analytical cookies

They collect information on how a visitor uses the site, such as the pages visited. These cookies do not collect information that can identify you. All information collected by these cookies is aggregated anonymously and is only used to improve the functionality of the site.

Functional Cookies

They allow you to “remember” the choices you have made and customize the content of the site in order to improve the service rendered to you.

Advertising Cookies

They allow you to “profile” users by collecting information about their tastes, and then send personalized advertising content and improve the effectiveness of campaigns.

They can also be from third parties (when they are set up from a site other than the one you are visiting).

Some examples include:

Performance cookies
– Search Campaigns: Google and Yahoo!
– Affiliation Campaigns: Zanox
– Amazon
– Facebook
– Turbo Adv

Retargeting cookies

These cookies allow you to be presented with banner ads when you are at other sites, showing you the latest products and services you have viewed on The use of these cookies does not imply the processing of personal data, but may allow you to connect to your computer or other devices and track the data saved: these cookies connect to the browser installed on your computer or other devices used while browsing our site.
– Criteo
– Google

Most browsers accept cookies automatically. We recommend that you do not disable this feature, as this may prevent you from moving freely from one page to another and enjoying all the features of the site. You can still choose not to allow cookies to be set on your computer; to do so, go to your browser’s “Preferences”.


You can change your browser to disable cookies using a very simple procedure. Warning: if you deactivate cookies, both your username and password will no longer be stored on the site.


Open Firefox
Press the “Alt” button on the keyboard
In the toolbar at the top of the browser, select “Tools” and then “Options”.
Then select the “Privacy” tab
Go to “History Settings”: and then to “Use custom settings”. Uncheck “Accept cookies from sites” and save preferences.

Internet Explorer:

Open Internet Explorer
Click on the “Tools” button and then on “Internet Options”.
Select the “Privacy” tab and move the slider to the privacy level you wish to set (upwards to block all cookies or downwards to allow all cookies).
Then click OK

Google Chrome:

Open Google Chrome
Click on the “Tools” icon
Select “Settings” and then “Advanced settings”.
Select “Content settings” under “Privacy”.
In the “Cookies” tab you can uncheck cookies and save preferences

Open Safari

Choose “Preferences” on the toolbar, then select the “Security” pane in the following dialog box
In the “Accept Cookies” section you can specify if and when Safari should save cookies from websites. For more information click the Help button (marked with a question mark)
For more information about cookies that are stored on your computer, click on “Show cookies”.


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The materials, data and information published free of charge on this website may be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, republished or otherwise used, in whole or in part, provided that such use is for personal use, study, research or otherwise non-commercial and that the author and the source are cited by the following statement, imprinted in clearly visible characters: “”‘.

In any case, the reproduction, in analogical or digital form, of the materials taken from must be promptly communicated to the following address, attaching, where possible, an electronic copy of the article in which the materials have been reproduced.

It is advisable to make backup copies of the files downloaded free of charge as it may happen that after 15 days from the download, these may not be available.

“” is not in any way responsible for websites that you access through this site. When you access an external website via a link, please remember that it is independent of “” and that “” has no control over the content of that website. Furthermore, the existence of a hypertext link to an external site does not imply approval or acceptance of responsibility by “” for the content or use of that site. It is your responsibility to take all necessary precautions to ensure that whatever you decide to download and use is free of destructive elements such as viruses.


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